Ridgely School Families to Receive Free PCs

Computer Banc Executive Director David Fowler (l), Springfield Rotary President David Stake

Ridgely School Families to Receive Free PCs

On this Halloween, Ridgely Elementary School administrators learned 100 of their families will receive a treat, a free PC.  The Springfield Rotary Foundation adopted Ridgely a number of years ago to provide mentors to students.  This year, the Rotary Foundation provided a grant to Computer Banc to provide 100 PCs and a number of laptops to Ridgely families.

Rotary President David Stake says it is just one more example of how service organizations can make a real difference in the community.

“This is just an example of how Rotary partners with both schools and members to make important things happen with literacy in the area” says Stake.

The rebuilt PCs will be pre-loaded with internet access and some of the same software the students use in school.  The will be distributed to the families by Computer Banc over the winter and will for the families to keep.  The Springfield Rotary is also raising money for internet access for a year for the families.