Relief from High Gas Prices Next Week?
Relief from High Gas Prices Next Week?

We might get relief from high gas prices next week.

Bill Flieschli of the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association says wholesale gasoline is selling for about $3.50 due to problems at the Lemont, Ill. and Whiting, Ind. refineries. He says those problems could soon be resolved.

“If that will change in the next week… we hope so,” says Flieschli. “Those refineries are due to come back online at 100 percent capacity.”

Gas prices in Champaign, Decatur, and Bloomington exceed $4 a gallon for regular unleaded, while prices aren’t as high in Springfield.

Flieschli says the refinery problems are part of the problem; gas doesn’t typically spike this much this time of year. But he says the summer driving season is upon us, and it does have an effect year after year.

“Usage goes up,” explains Fleischli. “People do get back in their cars, they go on vacation and things like that — so that usually causes an increase. That’s been for years, an increase in the wholesale price because usage goes up.”