Quinn vs. Lawmakers on Concealed Carry

Illinois will likely have its final version of a concealed carry law on the books tomorrow.

When lawmakers return to Springfield this week they’re expected to override Gov. Pat Quinn’s changes to a gun bill the same day they’ll blow past yet another deadline he’s set to fix the state’s nearly $100 billion pension problem.

Tensions are rising and patience falling between Quinn and the Legislature as Illinois’ two highest-profile public policy issues vie for center stage.

Quinn’s never been particularly close to the powerbrokers in Springfield, but the grousing between them now has broken into the open. Political experts say it could be a hindrance as they try to forge important agreements.

Lawmakers say they’re “disgusted” with Quinn’s last-minute meddling on guns and accuse him of “pandering” to voters. Quinn accuses them of dragging their feet on pensions and selling out to the gun lobby.

Lawmakers are expected to head back to Springfield to override Governor Quinn’s changes to the bill. Quinn doesn’t want guns in places where alcohol is served and he doesn’t want people to carry more than one gun at a time. Both of those provisions were allowed in the original bill and supporters say they’re not willing to negotiate at this point.

A federal court has ordered Illinois to pass a law by the 9th, but it likely won’t take effect for at least a year.