Quinn Not Fazed by Boos, Lawmakers Still Awaiting Checks
Quinn Not Fazed by Boos, Lawmakers Still Awaiting Checks

Governor Pat Quinn isn’t the most popular person in government these days. He gets booed quite often when he makes public appearances but, he says you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers when you make tough decisions.

Quinn got sporadic boos as he walked through the State Fair Parade Thursday night. And it isn’t just the voters who aren’t pleased with his performance. Lawmakers are also upset, particularly over the fact that they aren’t receiving their paychecks.

Lawmakers could go at least two more months without getting paid. Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says the courts may not have the situation resolved as early as they think.  Lawmakers are suing Governor Quinn because he slashed their salaries from the state budget, which means Topinka can’t cut their checks. A judge will hear from both sides on September 18 but Topinka says there’s no guarantee that pay will be reinstated at that time.

Lawmakers are reportedly skipping out on governor’s day at the state fair next week. The day is typically filled with speeches from some of the state’s top leaders. But, Quinn himself won’t even be giving a speech that day. He says last year’s boos from a large union crowd didn’t play into his decision not to speak.