Quinn: Amendatory Veto on Concealed Carry Bill is “Common-Sense”

While speaking in Chicago on Friday, Governor Pat Quinn called for what he said were common-sense gun laws.

Earlier in the week the governor issued an amendatory veto of House Bill 183, legislation that would allow and regulate the carrying of concealed handguns in public places. A sticking point for Quinn was the regulation of concealed weapons in areas that serve alcohol.

“Guns and alcohol are a toxic mix,” Governor Quinn said. “Public safety should never be negotiated away or compromised, and I will never support a flawed concealed carry bill that puts public safety at risk.”

The governor also made a push for those in attendance to visit the website KeepIllinoisSafe.org. The changes that Quinn is asking for would keep guns out of establishments serving alcohol, including most family restaurants and other places where alcohol is consumed. It would limit the carrying of concealed guns to one and one ammunition-magazine with no more than 10 bullets. Finally, it would still enable local governments to enact assault weapon bans.

However, it has widely been reported that lawmakers will attempt to override the governor’s amendatory veto when they get back to Springfield on Tuesday. The Illinois General Assembly will need a three-fifths majority in both the House and Senate.