Publicity Battle Over Lawmakers Pay Continues
Publicity Battle Over Lawmakers Pay Continues

The governor has not given up his fight to keep paychecks away from state lawmakers, while the comptroller has already issued the checks.

“We had two options here,” says comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. “Either the legislature was going to override the governor’s veto and reinstitute their appropriation, or we would comply with a judge’s order. We have the judge’s order.”

Topinka says the salary money had always been there – and there are even checks for Gov. Pat Quinn, should he claim them. When Quinn tried to suspend legislative pay in July, he said he would forgo his own salary until a pension restructuring bill was on his desk.

Quinn said Thursday night, “We’re going to appeal the case. We think a higher court is going to rule in our favor.” He added that he believes the public is siding with him, rather than with the lawmakers.

State Representative Rich Brauer doesn’t believe this is the way to run the state.

“This is just a total lack of leadership on the governor’s part. It’s a disagreement of policy and then he’s trying to set a precedent.”

Quinn planned to go to court today to ask for an immediate stay.