Poe Responds to “Anti-Business” Comments
Poe Responds to “Anti-Business” Comments

State Representative Raymond Poe, in the running to replace Tom Cross as Illinois House Minority Leader, is firing back after facing accusations of being “anti-business.” Poe thinks it’s ridiculous he’s been called “anti-business” because of his stance on pension restructuring.

Ty Fahner, head of the Commercial Club of Chicago’s Civic Committee, told Crain’s Chicago Business that any Republican who supports Poe to become the new House Minority Leader won’t receive any financial help from business groups. Poe says he’s not against pension reform, he just wants the right pension reform.

“I’m for pension reform like everybody else. But we cannot just expect the retirees…on a total fixed income…we just have to look at those things and all work together and I think we can get something that will work”

Poe faces State Rep. Jim Durkin from the Chicago suburbs to become the new House Minority Leader.