Plans for Rail Pointe Pond in Sherman Coming Along
Plans for Rail Pointe Pond in Sherman Coming Along

The village of Sherman is moving forward with plans for Rail Pointe Pond.

Mayor Trevor Clatfelter said the engineer’s report on Tuesday evening was positive. However, there are some issues regarding the bike path. The path will run along several intersections, meaning there will need to be a clear understanding of how the cars and bikes should interact. The village board is opening up bids for the construction. It is unclear whether or not the path will be asphalt or concrete.

Clatfelter believes the park will be a good place for families both young and old.

“It’s going to be good for young families with young kids. It’s going to good for grandparents to take their grandchildren there. It’s going to be good for everybody. That’s what we want. We want to see people out, active (and) associating with each other.”

Clatfelter added that the village should expect to see the bike path next spring. Just to the east of Rail Golf Course on the southern part of the village is where the 10-acre development will sit. It will include amphitheaters, a pond, a municpal building, a playground, a dog park, a splash pad, and iron and brick structures, complete with a full theme.

The best part, said Clatfelter, is that the pond is “no cost to the city; the job is apprenticeship work.”