Pension Plans Being Floated
Pension Plans Being Floated

The president of the Illinois Senate is sharing pension proposals with newspaperpeople around Illinois. The key to a compromise being discussed would tie cost-of-living increase to inflation. Two members of the legislature’s conference committee’s view the president’s tactic differently.

He didn’t just lay out a sketch of a compromise,” says Sen. Daniel Biss (D-Evanston). “He expressed a willingness and a confidence in his ability to put eighteen Democratic votes” on the bill. Biss says that’s significant.

Sen. Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) has other words for it. “We haven’t quite reached compromise yet, and, (the president’s statement) is a pretty, frankly, significant breach of that agreement to keep things confidential.”

The fall veto session takes up three days this month and three days next month. Some lawmakers hope to have the pensions on track by the end of that session. The public pension systems are underfunded by $100 billion.