Pathologist Not Likely to Start until January
Pathologist Not Likely to Start until January

It will likely be after the end of the year until a Sangamon County pathologist can perform forensic autopsies.

Dr. Nathaniel Patterson was hired to become the first county pathologist. The decision was made so that autopsies could be performed locally, rather than shipping them to Bloomington. But County Board Chairman Andy Van Meter thinks it will be at least until January before Patterson can begin his work.

“He needs to get all of his certifications and licensing from the state medical authorities and he’s in the process of doing that.”

Van Meter worries about the holiday season. With December just ahead, Van Meter believes paperwork could pile up and force Patterson to wait on the state for a couple of months.

“It’s really not in our control. It’s really up to the state licensing board,” said Van Meter, it may be after the first of the year before he can really start.”

Until then, the process of shipping autopsies to Bloomington will continue. St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center have teamed up to help fund the county pathologist position.