NWS: Tornados Down in Illinois

Tornados have been less of a problem than usual this year in Illinois.

Normally the state sees about 40 to 60 tornadoes a year. Only 20 have been reported by the National Weather Service, according to State Climatologist Jim Angel. There have also been 93 official reports of hail this year and 395 reports of wind damage in Illinois.

“The last time it was this quiet was actually back in 2005, which as you remember was a big drought year. So, very quiet so far and we’re really past the prime season. Our three busiest months are April May and June…and then we still get some more in March and then pick up some more in July and August.”

Angel said by fall it can get pretty quiet, when it comes to twisters. He said the conditions have not been right. Most of the tornados that have been reported are EF0s, which typically do not produce much damange.

Although this spring was very wet, it was mostly dominated by slow moving storms that didn’t produce much severe weather, said Angel. He added that the increasing drought this summer has produced very little chances for tornadoes.