Now What? 3rd Street Could Be An Economic Boon

With the 10th Street corridor rail solution almost a done-deal, businesses in downtown Springfield are turning their attention to what could become an opportunity for the current 3rd Street rail line.  Downtown Springfield, Incorporated Director Victoria Ringer says now the picture is becoming clearer on how things may look in the next decade downtown it is time to turn attention to the west.

With design and engineering work set to begin on consolidating rail traffic along 10th Street, plans for the area along the 3rd Street rail corridor are now a topic of discussion for some.  Ringer says there is huge potential for shops and even residences. She says the corridor could be a “…natural corridor for those to the north and the south…” to get to the downtown area.

The city and county have just entered into an agreement with IDOT to begin design work on the relocation of the tracks to 10th Street.