No Endorsement for Campbell, Barr from Sangamon Co. GOP
No Endorsement for Campbell, Barr from Sangamon Co. GOP

The Sangamon County Republican Party’s Executive Committee has agreed to endorse neither Undersheriff Jack Campbell nor retired deputy Wes Barr in the Republican primary for sheriff.

Party chairman Rosemarie Long said the decision was made Tuesday, and neither candidate polled particularly strongly.

“There was a considerable percent of ‘no opinion’ or ‘no answer’ which left, basically, the race was a tie,” said Long. She said it’s possible that it’s too early in the campaign season, so party voters haven’t yet made up their minds.

Long said a third candidate won’t emerge in the race.

“There were so many of our “precinct committemen” already working on one campaign or the other,” said Long. “If we should endorse and we select a candidate, then that would sort of tell the PC’s they would have to work for the candidate that was endorsed.”

Both Campbell and Barr are reportedly okay with the decision. “They just know now they have to go out and work it,” Long said.

The primary election next year falls on March 18.