Next Step Taken in 10th Street Rail Project
Next Step Taken in 10th Street Rail Project

The Sangamon County Board approved a resolution that creates an intergovernmental agreement with the county, city of Springfield and the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The agreement is the next step in moving forward with construction on the 10th Street North to South high speed rail corridor in the city of Springfield. According to Sangamon County Board Administrator Brian McFadden, this locks up about $8.6 million for engineering planning for the project.

“(The resolution) gets the actually work started…if you would have explained to us three years ago (we would be here) it would seem like an impossible task,” says McFadden.

McFadden says it could take up to ten years to have the entire project finished. But now railroad, city, county and transportation officials appear to be on board, as well as officials at the federal level. However, there are still a number of issues to sum up before everything is ready to go.

Among those issues are land acquisition proposals. Some of these include homes of eminent domain. An even bigger hurdle in the process will be funding. Although with the agreement about $8.6 million is approved, there is still more than $300 million needed for the entire project.

McFadden said that officials from all parties from within the agreement will be at the table to discuss possible revenue streams to help fund the project.