McMenamin Tired of Interim Fixes on Key Positions
McMenamin Tired of Interim Fixes on Key Positions

Springfield Alderman Joe McMenamin believes Mayor Mike Houston is not moving fast enough on finding permanent solutions to technically vacant positions within the city. McMenamin has put together a proposal that would limit the mayor to six months of an interim position before the council would act on a permanent solution to the job.

“There’s certain positions where you want some checks and balances, you want kind of a collective consensus of what’s in the best interest of the city.”

McMenamin said the city code calls for the council to provide consent for positions appointed by the mayor. He said that the mayor does not go to the council for approval of many positions. Rather than go through the proper channels, McMenamin said that the mayor applies an interim tag and leaves it.

“I did all but draft up the ordinance and sent it to John Mehlick early last week”, said McMenamin on NewsRadio 1240 and 107.5 fm WTAX’s Ray Lytle Show.

The Ward 7 Alderman submitted his idea to corporation counsel, who himself is in an interim position, to make the literature into an ordinance. Acting Corporation Counsel John Mehlick did not have the idea “ordinance ready” at the last meeting.