McMenamin: Pine Wood Won’t Be Another MacArthur Park
McMenamin: Pine Wood Won’t Be Another MacArthur Park

Plans are moving forward for the rehabilitation of Pine Wood Apartments.

It’s not going to be another “MacArthur Park Apartments” situation. That’s what Springfield Alderman Joe McMenamin is saying about Bywater Development Company moving forward with plans to renovate Pine Wood Apartments. McMenamin said he has had many conversations with the company, who he assures residents of Springfield that they have over 40 years of experience in this business.

“They’re doing exactly what was really never done at MacArthur Park Apartments…(when) you look at the life expectancy of units…you want to upgrade (everything) before it gets bad.”

McMenamin added that Bywater Development has worked with communities and neighborhoods on many different occasions. HE said they’ve put about $25,000 into 168 units, turned many into ADA compliant units for blind and hearing impaired individuals and have pledged to turn Pine Wood Apartments into a better environment for residents.

“When you invest in this complex, then the tenants are going to where they get the best deal, where it’s clean, where its up to date, where their energy bills are reduced and where there’s active management taking care of the needs of the residents.”

McMenamin said this will create competition among different apartment complexes, forcing them to renovate and rehabilitate other properties as well.