McCarty to Police/Fire Retirees: Give Us Our Money Back
McCarty to Police/Fire Retirees: Give Us Our Money Back

The city’s budget director wants those who received inflated police or fire pension benefits to pay back that money.

Bill McCarty says the Springfield police pension fund has been knowingly miscalculating benefits for a year and a half, and the fire pension fund for six years.

“I think, of course we would prefer… most of that money is coming from us,” said McCarty. “But we don’t have the power to invoke that. That’s between the Department of Insurance and the pension board.”

McCarty says the city has no control over the pension boards, which operate independently, but doesn’t think its unreasonable to ask for the money. The city just two years ago recouped more than $60,000┬áin overpaid sick leave benefits.

He estimates 48 firefighters have received improperly calculated benefits since 2007, with potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars awarded erroneously. This week he calculated twelve former police officers have received $16,500 extra since February 2012, but hadn’t yet calculated an exact figure for firefighter pensions.

WTAX’s Ray Lytle spoke with McCarty on Thursday’s program. You can hear that conversation by clicking play on the audio link below.