McCann: Senate Bill 2404 is Best for Illinois Pension Fix

Illinois lawmakers have decided to send the pension issue to a conference committee, which will be comprised of five state representatives and five senators.

Lawmakers failed to reach a deal in Wednesday’s Special Session. State Representative Sue Scherer says she hopes the bipartisan committee will vote on an agreement that is fair. She said to pass something illegal would be a waste of time. Scherer says it’s also important that the people involve like teachers and state workers have a say in pension reform.

Meanwhile, State Senator Sam McCann believes his bill is the best option for Illinois. McCann co-sponsored S.B 2404, which he admits has less savings than S.B. 1. But McCann says senate bill 2404 is a negotiated agreement amongst all the stakeholders, it will hold up the constitutional scrutiny, and it will make the pension system the whole.

“The state of Illinois made a promise to the employees and the employees lived up to their end of the promise 100%,” said McCann. “Why other folks don’t see it that way, I don’t know but that’s how I see it.”

Governor Pat Quinn would like lawmakers to be prepared for a vote by July 8.