McCann Disappointed in Inaction; Blames Leadership
McCann Disappointed in Inaction; Blames Leadership

Lawmakers didn’t accomplish much during their shortened first week of veto session this week, and lawmakers continued to miss deadline after deadline imposed by the governor.

State Senator Sam McCann (R-Carlinville), who joined Bob Murray on Friday’s Morning Newswatch,¬†said that shows lack of leadership.

“When you are an absentee governor and you lay down timelines like that, it’s almost laughable,” said McCann, noting the governor spent little time in Springfield this week. “That’s the biggest shame of it all.”

Whether lawmakers will accomplish anything the first week of November when they return is also questionable. The elephant in the room is pension reform, which McCann says could be passed if the House Speaker would take up the plan already passed in the Senate.

“There are a majority of members in the House that seem to indicate that they would vote for it,” said McCann.¬†“If Speaker (Michael) Madigan would have called S.B. 2404 yesterday, he could have had session, called it yesterday, the governor could have signed it today.”