Marriage Equality Rally in Springfield
Marriage Equality Rally in Springfield

Citizens in support of marriage equality rallied Paul Findley Federal Building following the news of the Supreme Court striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Over 50 people were rallying in support of marriage equality. Among them, Ward 6 Alderman Cory Jobe. Jobe said that the state needs to pass Senate Bill 10, which is a bill in favor of marriage equality.

“The marriage equality bill needs to happen here in the state of Illinois so all the legal issues still surround civil unions and what that means here in the state of Illinois and at the federal level…so that can all gel and have the same impact.”

Many of the people rallying said the ruling is just the beginning. Tony W. Parkhurst said that some of the language in the law does a disservice.

“While it does give certain individuals federal benefits, there’s one section that perhaps some people overlooked where it said that it reduces back to either a choice of morals and, or sexual partners.”

Parkhurst said that being gay, straight or any other orientation is not a choice.

Overall, the mood was uplifting at the rally with songs, chants and many speakers sharing past experiences. Drivers passing by honked in support for the marriage equality supporters standing on the corner of 6th Street and Monroe Street.