“Mama’s Kitchen” Awarded Contentious Liquor License
“Mama’s Kitchen” Awarded Contentious Liquor License

Owners of a new restaurant on the city’s east side have scored a victory — the mayor has signed their liquor license and has compromised on a number of contentious issues.

“Mama’s Kitchen” spokesman Michael Stoker says the letter outlining the conditions was changed, and was signed without protest.

“We had a part in there that says we cannot ask for a classification change, that was taken out,” said Stoker. “The 3:00 license, that we won’t apply for a 3:00 license is only now during (Houston’s) tenure as mayor.”

That┬áprovision was revised because the personal request on Houston’s behalf, which is the letter the mayor delivered, is unbinding for another administration.

The city council last week bypassed wishes from the home alderman to approve the liquor license. Stoker says they’ll likely start selling liquor by the end of the week, and plan a grand opening celebration at the end of the month.