Lt. Gov Simon: Hold Off on Cutting Comptroller Position
Lt. Gov Simon: Hold Off on Cutting Comptroller Position

Lt. Gov Sheila Simon is running for the Illinois State Comptroller. On Friday, Simon said it’s not the right time to eliminate or combine the position with the treasure’s office.

“We ought to be pretty cautious about it. The reason why we have separate treasurer and comptroller (offices) is because of a scandal where a treasurer, that we had previously, was writing checks to himself.”

Simon added that the comptroller position provides a checks and balances system for the state of Illinois. Her opponent in the race, current Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, has been candid about combining the office with the treasurer’s office. Simon believes that this is something that could be done much further down the road.

Simon also has one less competitor to worry about. Will County Auditor Duffy Blackburn announced on Wednesday that he would be suspending his campaign. In the same announcement, Blackburn offered his endorsement to Simon. She said she is pleased to have the support.

“We looked at why we were both interested in running for comptroller and item by item it was the same thing.”

Simon said that the comptroller should be doing a much better job. She said the comptroller should be a fiscal watchdog over state spending, local government spending, while also engaging citizens in the process.