Lottery Ticket Helps Vets Programs
Lottery Ticket Helps Vets Programs

The Illinois Lottery’s newest instant game aims to raise $1 million for veterans’ organizations.

The Veterans Cash program has raised more than $11 million since it was launched in 2006. Lottery officials hope the new $2 ticket being introduced on Veterans Day today (Monday) will result in more grant money for services like job training and housing for veterans.

“There isn’t a person in this state that doesn’t know or is or is related to a veteran of one of our conflicts, or one of our armed services,” said Michael Jones, director of the Illinois Lottery.

All profits from the Veterans Cash game go to the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, which then awards the grants to organizations. The governor’s office says in the seven years the program has existed, more than 210 statewide groups have received money from the game.