Lopez Sticks to HS Consolidation Idea Despite Backlash
Lopez Sticks to HS Consolidation Idea Despite Backlash

The Springfield Board of Education’s vice president is sticking to his guns — he wants to explore high school consolidation.

Adam Lopez got some backlash after he mentioned the idea in an interview this week as a way to help save six million dollars. His idea would consolidate the city’s existing three high schools down to two. Lopez says such consolidation has been done elsewhere.

“It’s nothing that’s out of the ordinary,” explains Lopez. “But it’s a problem I’ve said with Springfield, is Springfield people do not like change. It’s something with Springfield, no one likes change and no one wants to give up.”

Lopez says all options should be on the table when looking to cut budgets, but he reiterates that there is no imminent plan to shut down any of the city’s high schools.

“A lot of ex administrators, ex prinicipals think ‘we’ve been talking about this for years, but were afraid of saying something because of what happened to me,” says Lopez. “You see what’s happened, everybody’s like ‘this kid’s stupid, it’s a bad idea.’ That’s why people are afraid to speak up.”

You can listen to Lopez’s conversation with Ray Lytle by clicking play on the audio link below.