Brauer: Special Session A Waste; Governor Plans Second Special Session in July

One local official says his constituents have low expecations from the special session set to convene Wednesday at the capitol.  State Representative Rich Brauer says it will be business as usual when lawmakers return to Springfield and says much of the blame can be put at the feet of Governor Quinn.

“I figure lawmakers come into Springfield and basically do nothing” Brauer says.

Brauer says despite the talk, he doesn’t expect much to be done about pension reform and figures lawmakers will return home after just a day with nothing to show for their trip.

A spokeswoman for the governor says the “conference committee” idea has been approved by the governor, senate president and house speaker. It puts five members from each chamber in a room to hammer out a compromise. Lawmakers will be asked to approve its creation tomorrow, with its first meeting as early as Friday.

The governor plans to call lawmakers back again in early July to vote on a compromise.