Local Corn Farmers Battle 25-Percent Moisture
Local Corn Farmers Battle 25-Percent Moisture

A Springfield-area farmer says the yields could be excellent – in areas where the moisture is not too much.

Larry Beaty says he defines “excellent” as more than 200 bushels per acre for corn. Otherwise, “it’s probably been running around 25 percent moisture … the weather has been hot, and it’s been humid, and the corn just hasn’t been drying down very good” – or very fast.

Fields which look ready to harvest turn out to be too wet, he says. “Everyone’s got different opinions on when they can harvest … it’s up to the individual farmer whether he can take it at 20 percent (moisture) or wait until it gets to 15 percent.”

There will be no USDA crop progress report until the partial shutdown of the federal government is over.