Legislative Leaders Meet in Chicago; No Pension Agreement
Legislative Leaders Meet in Chicago; No Pension Agreement

Governor Pat Quinn is asking legislative leaders to combine their pension reform proposals into one bill.

Quinn wants Senate President John Cullerton to call a new bill that includes both of the dueling plans for a vote during special session next week.

“There’s a way to accomplish it if the two leaders work together as they have over and over again, they have to work together, and I told them that,” said Wuinn.

House Speaker Mike Madigan says he still prefers his proposal… and doesn’t like the idea of passing both plans. Madigan says his plan saves the most money, but unions contend it’s unconstitutional.

“This is like a lot of things in the legislature,” says Madigan. “You can make it complicated if you wish, or you can keep it simple. Let me say it again. The best pension bill passed so far, the one that does the most cost savings, is the House bill. That’s in the Senate. The governor ought to work to get that passed.”

No agreement was reached between the three leaders.