Legal Clinic for the Poor to be Established
Legal Clinic for the Poor to be Established

Seeking to fill the void to provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford a lawyer, the Springfield Diocese is establish a legal clinic named  “Caritas” (CARE-uh-tas) which is Latin for “The Law of the Heart is Love.” Bishop Thomas Paprocki, also aanattorney, oversaw a similar effort in Chicago and is now seeking the legal community’s help across central Illinois.

“There is an ever widening ‘justice gap’ in this country between those who can and those who cannot afford legal representation,” said Bishop Paprocki. “It is fundamentally unfair and unjust to deprive the poor of the legal protection for their lives which wealthy
persons enjoy.”

Paprocki is looking for attorneys to donate their time and expertise.  The Caritas Legal Clinic will only handle civil cases.