Langfelder Wants Aldermen “In the Loop” on Pension Matters
Langfelder Wants Aldermen “In the Loop” on Pension Matters

Springfield treasurer Jim Langfelder says there’s been some misinformation about what’s going on with the city’s police and fire pension funds. He says there are ways to fix that. For starters, why not keep aldermen apprised of pension fund activities more regularly?

“Reporting protocol regarding boards and commissions could be created so actions could be established so aldermen are informed on a quarterly basis,” said Langfelder.

He also suggests having police and fire pension board meetings in well publicized open sessions in city council chambers.

Mayor Mike Houston largely dismissed the ideas, reminding reporters that police and fire pension boards operate independently of the city.

“They are set up to operate independently,” said Houston. “The only function of city government dealing with either the fire or police pension fund is to make the contribution. State statutes are very clear in terms of the management of the fund, [it’s] entrusted to the trustees.”

At issue is whether the city council should have been notified about Department of Insurance findings that both pension boards were using improper methodology to award benefits.

You can listen to Treasurer Langfelder’s comments to the city council by clicking on the audio link below.