Johnson: Lanphier Teachers Should “Work Harder.”

A handful of Lanphier High School teachers stormed out of the Springfield School Board meeting, angry and offended by comments from a board member.

The teachers were discussing how students were progressing since the School Improvement Grant came to be three years ago. Board member Judy Johnson noted that test scores for black students have declined over the first two years of the grant, and she eventually blamed the teachers.

“The truth hurts, okay?,” said Johnson. “That’s where we have to work from. So if you’re offended, that might mean that maybe you need to work a little harder.”

That comment elicited a noticeable negative reaction from both the teachers and several members of the crowd. The teachers left the room.

The grant runs out at the end of this school year and the district is working on a sustainability plan to figure out how to maintain the programs, which includes a longer school day to target struggling students.