Illinois Supreme Court Privacy Amendment Goes Into Effect July 1.
Illinois Supreme Court Privacy Amendment Goes Into Effect July 1.

In order to protect against identity theft and the disclosure of sensitive information through electronic filing. The Illinois Supreme Court  deferred two of its provisions that goes into effect Monday, July 1st. Illinois Supreme Court Communications Director Joseph Tybor said the amendments are designed to make sure private information like social security and credit card numbers don’t end up in the wrong hands.

“The Supreme Court amended its rule 138, it’s about bringing some cost savings, bringing some efficiency to the courts, and protecting the threats to identity theft of individuals who are going to the court system for one reason or another,” said Tybor.

Beginning July 1, social security, taxpayer identification, and driver’s license numbers, financial account numbers, and bank card numbers will be excluded from documents and exhibits in civil cases.

“As this special committee and as the court was considering how do we move to e-filing to make things more efficient to save money well we’re going have to protect privacy information as well,” said Tybor.

A requirement that birth dates and the names of minors be excluded from documents in civil cases has been deferred until January 1, 2014, and a public hearing will be scheduled on those provisions by the Illinois Supreme Court Rules Committee.