Illinois National Guard, Lincoln Home Prepare for Shutdown
Illinois National Guard, Lincoln Home Prepare for Shutdown

A government shutdown wouldn’t cease all Illinois National Guard operations, but a lot of people would feel the pain.

The guard’s Public Affairs Officer, Captain Dutch Grove, says all but 82 federal civilian military technicians will likely be sent home Tuesday.

“Those individuals are either supporting units that are mobilized or are mobilizing or the safety and security operations,” says Grove.

More than 1,200 employees across the state would miss out on paychecks and a shutdown would be viewed as an unpaid furlough. As for Guard soldiers — Grove says anyone called to action in a state emergency would become state employees and would be paid by the state.

Meanwhile, you could go through every historic site in Springfield, and it would not matter whether it’s operated by the state, the federal government, or some other organization. That could change Monday, if the federal government shuts down.

The only tourist site the federal government runs in the capital city is the Lincoln Home National Historic Site; in fact, it is the National Park Service’s only site in Illinois. Superintendent Dale Phillips is preparing to close the site indefinitely.

“Working with the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau and the other sites, we have been on the phone to all our groups which have reservations for the coming week,” Phillips says, advising people they may need to make other plans.

The Lincoln Home carries no admission fee, but Phillips says that is not a factor in whether any NPS sites stay open. None will.

Phillips says the Lincoln Home averages 400,000 to 450,000 visitors a year.