I-55: For Some It’s More than Just a Highway
I-55: For Some It’s More than Just a Highway

To some people, Interstate 55 is more than a flat stretch of road.

Interstate 55 boring ?!? Depends on your attitude. LuAnn Cadden, co-author of Traveling Through Illinois: Stories of I-55 Landmarks and Landscapes between St. Louis and Chicago, says there’s something to think about …

“From Springfield as you go north the land gradually goes up and you are starting to enter the area glaciers stopped so you are climbing those morraines.” says Cadden.

And there is elevation between Atlanta and Bloomington too, which is why there are so many wind mills in the area.

The book draws its information on the attractions along I-55 from research, interviews and the personal observations of the authors. Many books have been written about Route 66, and I-55 is the road that put Route 66 out of business in Illinois, running along the same alignment between East St. Louis and Joliet.