Houston Tries to Maintain Distance from Police Shredding Scandal
Houston Tries to Maintain Distance from Police Shredding Scandal

Mayor Mike Houston is responding to allegations his administration knew about police department document destruction before it happened.

Former Police Chief Robert Williams, in a deposition, said he was initially against shredding internal files and made those concerns known at a meeting the day the files were destroyed. Mayor Houston’s assistant, Bill Logan, was at the meeting.

“I did not send Mr. Logan to the meeting,” a noticeably agitated Houston told reporters. “I did not know about this prior to Monday, April 29, which was several days after. Is that clear?”

Houston says his administration has nothing to hide — noting he took away the city’s attorney/client privilege so he’d be forced to cooperate with an Illinois State Police investigation.

“My attorneys have to answer questions and not use that,” said Houston. “If I was trying to hide anything, if I was trying to cover up anything, do you think I would have done that?”

Houston’s comments to the media came after the kick-off preview to the International Route 66 Mother RoadĀ Festival. The question and answer session can be heard by clicking play on the audio link below.