Houston Reacts To Departures

After revealing the departure of both the chief of police and corporation counsel, Mayor Houston was asked by the press if he had requested both men to leave the city payroll. Houston said that he had not, and gave insight as to Chief Robert Williams decision to retire.

“The chief and I have never had a discussion with regards to his retirement.” the mayor told the press. Houston added  “But I also know that his time would be October 22 just based on looking at a calendar, and I would make the assumption that he was looking at that particular date.”

Houston says corporation counsel Mark Cullen called him today from his vacation to resign, stating he didn’t want to get in the way of the city as it deals with the controversies and litigation it is currently facing.

“What the real decision comes down to is being a distraction to, in terms, what is going on in city government.” explained Houston. He went on to say “And that there need to be a focus on terms of what we are doing and if he is serving as a distraction, he felt it would be better to simply eliminate himself from that position.”

The mayor refused to say whether either men did anything inappropriate, saying the city is waiting for an Illinois State Police investigation to be completed before commenting.