Homeowners Scam in Sangamon County
Homeowners Scam in Sangamon County

Sangamon County Recorder Josh Langfelder is warning citizens about a scam going around that affects homeowners.

Advertisements that say a homeowner can obtain a copy of a deed for $89.00 are a scam. Langfelder said any Sangamon County resident can purchase a non-certified copy for $2.00 or a certified copy for $26.00 at the recorder’s office.

“It seems to pop up every couple of years. A company will mail solicitations to homeowners that have purchased their houses recently, soliciting them to get a copy of their deed.”

Langfelder said that the information you may need can be found on your real estate tax bill. If you cannot locate any of the information you need regarding your deed, contact the Sangamon County Recorder’s Office.