Henson Robinson Receives Accreditation from AZA
Henson Robinson Receives Accreditation from AZA

The Association of Zoos & Aquariums has given the Henson Robinson Zoo accreditation.

The AZA won’t shut a zoo down because of a lack of accreditation, said acting Henson Robinson Director Jackie Peeler. But this honor is important.

“You can be open with out the accreditation standards. Basically, it’s the best of the best. It means you make certain qualifiers that other facilities don’t make. It also helps with animal programs.”

The accreditation process includes an application process coupled with an on-site inspection, observing animal care; keeper training; safety for visitors, staff and animals; educational programs; conservation efforts; veterinary programs; financial stability; risk management; visitor services; and other areas.

Peeler said the Quarantine Building at the Henson Robinson Zoo was a hurdle they had to jump. Although, the building has been taken down.

“The contract has been awarded; we are moving forward with that. We gave them information at the last meeting about where it stood. They knew we were in the process of getting the process completed. We have to send them an update when we have a new facility in place. They were happy with the process we’ve been making.”

The process is something that the zoo must go through every five years.