Health Care Cancellations: 2 Intimate Views
Health Care Cancellations: 2 Intimate Views

Millions of Americans who buy their own health insurance are getting cancellation notices and Shonn Hild of central Illinois is one of them.

The policy cancellations are the latest issue dogging President Barack Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement. They’re happening despite Obama’s repeated promise that Americans who liked their health plans could keep them.

Hild is a landscaper from Sullivan. He was startled to learn the policy covering him and his two daughters had been canceled because it didn’t include maternity coverage.

Hild found a new plan, but it has added to his household expenses and his frustration with politicians.

Jon Gabel is a University of Chicago health care researcher. He says the surprise is not the cancellations, but any nostalgia for the individual insurance market before the president’s overhaul.