Gov. Quinn Gives Committee “Pep Talk”
Gov. Pat Quinn has words of encouragement for the conference committee that will meet for the first time on Thursday.
The 10-member committee was Quinn’s idea to break the stalemate over competing pension restructuring proposals in the General Assembly, and the governor is giving the committee a rhetorical shoe in the backside in advance of their first meeting.
“It’s very, very important that the 10 people who’ve been selected by legislature come together in a conference, as is set up by law, and come up with a bill that puts it on my desk that erases the pension liability and gets full funding for our pensions. That’s required, and that’s what has to be done, and I expect them to do it,” he said.
Quinn wants the conference committee to complete its work and recommend a solution by July 9.
The governor says the result must be a plan that wipes out an unfunded pension liability of $100 billion, probably over a period of about 30 years.