General Assembly Leaves Town, Unfinished Business
General Assembly Leaves Town, Unfinished Business

The just-concluded fall session in Springfield can boast the legalization of same-sex marriage. They’ve got that, and that’s all they’ve got.

The pieces of unfinished business include that “mandatory minimum” gun sentence bill, which black lawmakers say is wrong-headed. Joining them at the Capitol, the Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for comprehensive strategy.

“About 10,500 people are in the largest single prison complex in the nation,” Jackson said at a post-session news conference, referring to the Cook County Jail. “About two thirds of them are mentally ill. Some of them have been there up to five years on pre-trial detention. Jail has become a homeless shelter; become a jail hotel.”

One representative said states who have tried bills similar to the one which did not get a vote are now backing away from them, finding they increase the prison population but do not decrease crime.