Full Story Given to Chatham Water Customers?
Full Story Given to Chatham Water Customers?

Chatham officials may not have been very forthcoming about water rates when the village was making the case to build their own water plant and separate from CWLP.

An ordinance passed by the village in 2010 said that the rate per thousand gallons would be projected at $6.53 in 30-years.  The village board just approved a rate hike to $6.85 per thousand gallons.   Chatham customers will be paying nearly 45-percent more for water than if they had remained with CWLP.   Eric Hobbie, CWLP Acting General Manager says the village would be paying the wholesale rate of $4.61 per thousand gallons.

“Rochester is a wholesale customer and Chatham was a wholesale customer” says Hobbie.

Earlier this week, Chatham Village President Tom Gray blamed the federal sequestration for the rate hike.  New Berlin also joined Chatham in forming the water district.

Hear the full interview with WTAXs Kirk Farah at the link below.