Fracking to Bring 45K Jobs to Southern Illinois
The Illinois House has approved a series of regulations on the practice of fracking.
Lawmakers supporting the new rules were quick to point out that horizontal hydraulic fracturing, drilling underground using high pressure fluids to force trapped oil and gas to the surface, is already happening in southern Illinois.
State Representative John Bradley (D-Marion) says that’s all the more reason to approve rules and regulations on the industry. “It’s important we get out there and put in place legislation and regulations to, first and foremost, protect the groundwater of the state of Illinois and the people of the state of Illinois,” said Bradley.
But State Representative Debra Mell (D-Chicago), who sponsored a moratorium on fracking, is worried lawmakers are rushing the bill. “I just hope we’re not making a big mistake here,” said Mell.
The legislation passed overwhelmingly and now heads over to the Illinois Senate.