Fire Marshal Rescinds Proposed Fire Code Updates
Fire Marshal Rescinds Proposed Fire Code Updates

An intense lobbying effort from the Springfield Area Home Builders Association may have helped the State’s Fire Marshal to hold off on implementing new construction regulations.

Association president Dean Graven outlined his case before Springfield aldermen a few weeks ago.

“We do not have state inspectors, you’ve heard me here before talking about energy codes and so forth, we do not need the state to mandate things they cannot fund, and they need to be left to us,” Graven said.

The regulations included installing sprinklers in new single family and duplex homes, in homes where more than 50 percent is renovated, in high rises built before 1975, in places with assembly seating, and in places with liquor licenses.

The hearing before a legislative panel was scheduled for next Tuesday but has been cancelled. The Fire Marshal says he’s withdrawn the proposal and will “re-examine the issue.”