Edwards Running for City Treasurer
Edwards Running for City Treasurer

Springfield could see a new treasurer in 2015.

Current City Treasurer Jim Langfelder has been reportedly eyeing the mayor’s office. Ward 1 Alderman Frank Edwards has officially announced that he will run for treasurer. Edwards says he loves the city and he is planning on staying active in city government.

Edwards says that his experience in the mayor’s office following Mayor Tim Davlin’s death gave him a grasp of what to do. At the time, Edwards was the fire chief.

“Even when I was sitting in the mayor’s spot, it was about the money and about getting us back into the black. I mean, I was utterly amazed went I went into the mayor’s office and we had $2,000 in our checking account. I was utterly amazed that we were $10 million in the red.”

Edwards says he and the administration made some unpopular decisions that ended up working out. He notes that there were a few people that would rather have had another person stepping into the mayor’s position. But he says they were able to accomplish what needed to be done.

“I’m very fond of those people,” says Edwards, “we got in some really heated arguments in the conference room over it but you know, they responded and they did the things we all needed to do and they deserve the credit as much as I do.”

Edwards says he is not out to bash the current treasurer, saying he’ll make few changes. However, he does want to extend the communication channels directly to the public. He wants residents of Springfield to be aware of how their money is being spent.