Drivers Speeding on Tollway System
Drivers Speeding on Tollway System

Shockingly, drivers are speeding on the Illinois Tollway system.

Tollway engineers have determined that 95 percent of the vehicles using the system are speeding, and in segments where the speed limit is 55 mph, the average speed is 72.

Tollway Director Kristi Lafleur comments on the experience. “We all have been out there, we’ve all driven, and we all know that the other people driving with us are speeding, and sometimes people don’t even feel safe going the posted speed limit,” she said.

Lafleur says with congestion relief and engineering improvements as portions of the system have been rebuilt, people are comfortable going at higher speeds.


-The Tollway is allocating an additional $2 million for State Police to patrol the tollway system and write tickets. The District 15 State Police, the tollway-only district, are funded by tollway revenue.
-The authority will be raising the speed limit on portions of the system, thanks to a new state law that allows the Tollway Authority and IDOT to establish speed limits of 70 mph where road and traffic conditions are appropriate.