Don’t Wait on FEMA Relief, Apply Now
Don’t Wait on FEMA Relief, Apply Now

If you were affected by mid-November storms, register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency now.

That’s the message FEMA Public Officer Tim Tyson is sending to residents of central Illinois. He says his office has received several reports of individuals waiting to apply for the relief, which is provided through grants paid for by taxes.

“It’s an interesting phenomenon in the state. A good-many people that suffered damages from the storm are waiting until their neighbor gets assistance.”

Tyson says it works on an individual level. The grants are paid for by taxes and are available to all who were affected. He says waiting does not help nor hurt the relief a person will receive. It does affect the time span.

“The first thing to do is to register with FEMA. That way we know who you are, how much assistance you need, you can get further advice from FEMA on state and federal programs.”

One of the most important items of note, according to Tyson, is that FEMA assistance is different from loans available through the Small Business Administration.

Anyone who has been affected by the November 17 tornados and storms can contact FEMA for relief. However, loans are now available for uninsured losses through the Small Business Administration.

For homeowners, the loan can be up to $200,000 for a home and $40,000 for personal property loss. Rates start at 2.25 percent for homeowners and terms are available for up to 30 years.