Doctors Say Men Should Know Blood Pressure/Sugar Levels
Doctors Say Men Should Know Blood Pressure/Sugar Levels

On average men live shorter lives than women, in part because men don’t give as much attention to their health. That includes getting physical check ups and screenings on a regular basis.

Men are at risk for premature death at younger ages compared to women. That’s because men have earlier and more severe coronary artery disease and they have some different types of cancers, says Dr. Gary Rull, associate professor of internal medicine at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield. He says some of these diseases could be prevented or managed if men didn’t put off seeing a doctor.

Dr. Rull says men need to get the appropriate screenings and follow various health guidelines to take good care of themselves. They should know their readings for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. He advises men to stop smoking, get adequate exercise and manage their weight.

Dr. Rull stresses the importance of men seeing their primary care physicians for regular check ups and screenings so they can correctly manage any risk factors they may have.