District 186 HR Director: All Teachers Now in Compliance

Springfield Public School teachers are now all in compliance with Illinois State Board of Education standards.

District Human Resources Director Gina McLaughlin-Schurman says this past spring there were 64 teachers found not in compliance.

“The 64 is now down to one person,” Schurman says. “Everything is in to [the Regional Office of Education], transcripts, tests are passed, and [the person] is in what the ROE calls ‘the chute’ and ready to go. We’re in very good shape.”

Schurman this week sent an e-mail to administrators, warning that any schedule changes or teacher moves must be cleared with district HR first to avoid more non-compliance problems.

The compliance check was conducted after questions were raised last year about the qualifications of a Lanphier High School teacher, Jennifer Tyree, who was accused of being sexually involved with students.

Some of the compliance issues were minor and easily fixed, but some were more serious — such as not being qualified to teach the subjects they were teaching.