District 186 Employee Linked to Test Score Leak Reassigned
District 186 Employee Linked to Test Score Leak Reassigned

After two employees from Springfield School District 186 had their resignations accepted for a test score leak, a third will be reassigned to a classroom as a teacher.

Earlier this year, Capital College Preparatory Academy student ISAT test scores were leaked to the public. Three employees were in questions. Following the resignations of the first two, the Springfield School Board voted 4-2 in favor of moving the remaining employee to a teaching position. The idea came on a recommendation from interim Superintendent Bob Leming. After consulting legal counsel, he said this action was warranted.

“Anything more is excessive,” said Leming. He added the move was legally prudent and if this tenured employee was terminated then there could be further due process.

School Board President Chuck Flamini agreed.

“I’m not sure they broke the law….it’s a policy and it doesn’t have the same effect as a law.” Flamini said he understood people were upset, and rightfully so, but he also agreed with the recommendation following a visit with legal council,” said Flamini.

Scott McFarland did not agree and voted no.

“Anyone who was knowingly involved in the leak should not be employed by the district,” he said.

Board Member Judy Johnson agreed.

“No one is truly getting punished,” said Johnson, “What example does that set for the children…it’s absolutely disgusting.”

It is unknown at this time where the employee will be reassigned.