Davis: President Hasn’t Outlined Syrian Mission
Davis: President Hasn’t Outlined Syrian Mission

Congressman Rodney Davis says the president hasn’t outlined what needs to be done should the United States attack Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons.

“Getting rid of chemical stockpiles, getting rid of Assad, what is it?,” said Davis on Thursday’s Morning Newswatch with Bob Murray. “That’s what we haven’t been told, what is the mission if we do go in? Is it just to fire a couple of cruise missiles, declare victory and walk away? That’s not in America’s national security interest.”

A Senate committee voted this week to authorize the strike, sending it to the full Senate. The House is expected to take it up later this month.

Davis said the vote on Syrian intervention will be one of the toughest votes he ever takes — especially considering most of his constituents are telling him they don’t want another war.

Davis also criticized the president on his timetable — first announcing that a military strike must happen, then waiting for weeks for Congress to return to Washington.

“We should be addressing this this week so that addressing Syria doesn’t push back some very important domestic issues we have to take care of in September, too,” said Davis.

You can listen to the congressman’s full conversation with Bob Murray by clicking here.